Complement Your Outdoor Features With Tiny Fairy Gardens

Posted on: 21 April 2016

Make something magical out of inherent property features that may otherwise get lost in your landscaping. Whether you are trying to make your outdoor fountain stand out or if you have an old tree trunk that is an eyesore, you can turn these into whimsical accents by creating magical micro- gardens. Consider the following tips to turn these property features into fantastic fairy garden displays:    

An old tree trunk.

Got an old stump or trunk on your property? Turn the top into a small fairy garden by adding clumps of dried moss and delightful figurines. You may also add some good-quality soil to the crevices and add bits of sod and seed to promote the growth of grass or other greenery.   

An outdoor fountain.

It is easy for an outdoor fountain to get lost in your landscaping, especially when you have other beds and gardens that capture attention. Elevate your outdoor fountain by creating a whimsical fairy garden around the base, incorporating the water feature into your sweet scheme. Use birdhouses, container plants, and figurines around the base of the fountain to give it depth and a bit of character.

A small pond.

If you have a small pond on your property, bring it to life with some small scenes along the edge. Add a few short-growing plants, such as flowering borders like clover or violets, and tuck in tiny ceramic animals or figures. Use rocks and decorative stones to surround your scene and protect it from the elements, such as wind or rain.

A hedge or border.

Bring something imaginative to your borders or garden hedges with these micro-gardening ideas. Tuck a few small figures, some whimsical dollhouse accents, or birdhouses in the border, which will capture attention while the border protects these items from wind and weather. Use tiny fencing to contain schemes, which will bring an intriguing element to your entire property.

Hanging container gardens.

Got a hanging plant or container garden? Give it some charm and character by adding a few miniature fairy garden elements. Tuck in micro features, like tiny ceramic animals, and add the smallest water feature by inverting a thimble in the pot's soil and camouflaging the edges with the dirt. Fill the thimble when watering your plant to provide a micro-pond for your imaginary animals to drink from and visit. 

Imagine the fun of turning something plain and ordinary into a backdrop for a whimsical fairy garden. Check home and garden retail venues for miniature accents to bring your display to life, including figurines, collectibles, and plants. Transform anything from a tree stump to a driveway border into an alluring scheme that visitors to your property will pause and admire!