Tips For Creating A Warm Tuscan Garden

Posted on: 21 April 2016

There's a reason the phrase "under the Tuscan sun" evokes images beyond the movie. A Tuscan landscape makes you think of pleasant vacations in the sun surrounded by Italian beauty. The palette is warm and inviting, and the landscape charmingly old fashioned. Recreate a Tuscan landscape in your backyard to escape to the countryside anytime you need a getaway.

Plant Traditional Trees

Part of what will make your Tuscan garden feel authentic is the inclusion of traditional Mediterranean trees. Fig, lemon, olive and Italian cypress trees are all native to Tuscany. However, they tend to prefer warmer climates, so you may have to take extra precautions in cooler times. One option is to plant them in containers and pull them into the garage during frosty months. Otherwise, you'll need to protect the trees with mulch and even coverings to keep them warm enough – talk to your local landscaping experts about the most effective methods in your area.

Add Tuscan Plants

Along with the trees, certain plant species evoke images of the Tuscan countryside. Lavender is a must for such a garden. Again, if cold is an issue, consider scattering big containers filled with lavender around your garden, or simply choose one of the hardier varieties, such as those that come from England. Another must is an herb garden. Sage, bay laurel, rosemary and oregano are traditional. Consider planting a bay laurel or large rosemary as an anchor plant and placing annual herbs around it for a charming mini herb garden. Finally, you can never go wrong with grape vines. Plant one near a lattice screen or pergola, and train it to climb up the structure for a characteristic Tuscan vignette.

Include Yard Accents

As you're planning your yard, include traditional Tuscan elements such as terra cotta pots, a stone fountain, urns and other characteristic décor. For example, terra cotta pots and even urns can serve as the vessels for your container garden. You can either install a fountain to your patio wall or among the landscaping as a pretty focal point. In that vein, consider placing a characteristic ornament, such as a sundial or armillary, within your garden for visitors to find.

Make a Fire Feature into a Centerpiece

One of the charms of the Tuscan landscape is the presence of terraces to facilitate outdoor living. The centerpiece of such a terrace is often a fireplace. The Landscaping Network describes how you can create a terrace in your backyard by placing a naturalistic water feature next to a stone fireplace and grouping seating around it. If you prefer a more useful addition to your yard, consider a pizza oven as the centerpiece of your patio.

A Tuscan garden adds value both to your landscaping and to your outdoor lifestyle. Contact a landscaping company such as Boulder Works for professional assistance with the planting and installation of these features.