4 Benefits Of Hydroseeding Your New Yard

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Hydroseeding is an effective way to fill your yard with luscious, healthy grass in a fairly short amount of time. This process is completed by mixing water, seed, mulch, and fertilizer together and then spraying the blended material onto your soil. Done correctly, you can enjoy a beautiful, green lawn relatively quickly compared to other methods of planting grass seed. Here are four benefits of hydroseeding your yard.

Greater results

A common issue with grass seed is losing the small seeds when watering or if the soil gets tampered with by pets or children walking on it. Since hydroseeding involves embedding fragile seeds with water-filled fertilizer and mulch, grass seed has a heftier weight as well as plenty of nutrition to withstand watering and other interference. Coverage is also typically better with hydroseeding since you can visibly see the areas of your yard that have been covered due to the bulk of the material that is spread out.

Quicker seeding

Since hydroseeding involves spraying a mixture of grass seed and nutrients, you can cover a large amount of area in a very short amount of time. This is beneficial if you are seeding an entire yard. If your yard is on a slope or you are seeding a hill, the firm mixture being sprayed remains put and creates a great erosion barrier, allowing for even coverage while lessening reseeding needs.

High germination rates

Hydroseeding typically carries a higher germination rate than dry seeding. This is due to the nutrition and moisture already surrounding the fragile seeds being planted in your yard. You can expect to see grass growth within a week of hydroseeding, with a lawn you can mow in as little as a month's time.

Cheaper costs than sod

Both dry seeding and hydroseeding carry a cheaper cost than planting sod, which can allow you to have a greener yard without blowing your entire landscape budget on your grass. Hydroseeding can cost as little as $.50 per square foot, which makes it a very cost-effective way to make your lawn green.

When choosing to seed your new yard, hydroseeding may be an excellent option for you. Talk to a landscaper like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc to see whether your lawn will benefit from hydroseeding based on the size of your yard, the condition of your soil, and climate factors. Before long, you can enjoy a beautiful, lush yard that you can enjoy for as long as you own your home.