Landscaping Ideas To Encourage Community In Your Neighborhood

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Many homeowners are trying to recapture the neighborliness of bygone eras. In today's busy world, it can be difficult to know your neighbors. Fortunately, there are a few landscaping tricks that can help make your block more neighbor-friendly so you can enjoy a closer knit community in your own front yard.

Idea #1: Lower the fences

Front yard fences have become more and more common over the years, since they can be used to confine small children or pets to the property. The trouble is that they can prevent easy greeting between you and the neighbors as they walk by. To counteract this, use low fencing with pickets so that the barrier isn't as severe. Just make sure the pickets are close enough together so a child or pet can't squeeze through.

Idea #2: Add Front Yard Seating

In the past it was common for people to sit on their front porches in the evening, but in the modern world a lot of this has moved into the backyard – or worse, evenings are spent indoors in front of the television. Bring back the front porch and you just may get more chances to meet and chat with your neighbors. If your home doesn't have a suitable front porch, consider adding a small seating area in the lawn. Paving stones allow you to quickly erect an attractive patio. You can use a freestanding pergola for a bit of shade if you don't have sufficient tree cover. Finish it off by adding a small bistro table, porch swing, or a comfortable bench.

Idea #3: Build a Free Library or Sharing Garden

Free libraries are becoming quite popular. These consist of small decorative boxes, often made to resemble a house, placed in a front of a home. You fill it with books and invite your neighbor to take a book or leave a book. This encourages a sharing culture in your neighborhood, which can help you meet more of your neighbors while encouraging a tighter community.

Sharing gardens work in a similar fashion. You can carve out a corner of the sidewalk side of your yard or plant them in the parking strip, if local code allows. Grow vegetables or herbs in the garden and erect a sign inviting your neighbors to take what they need. Another option, if vegetables aren't your thing or aren't allowed, is to plant a cutting garden and then invite neighbors to cut flowers as they want.

For more landscaping ideas, contact a landscaper like Dansons Landscaping Inc in your area.