Do You Have Dying Trees And Wilting Landscaping? What To Know

Posted on: 26 April 2016

If you love your spacious yard with mature trees but some of the trees are dying because of disease, you'll want to talk with a landscaping contractor about replacing your greenery. If the grass around the trees and other plants are starting to look unhealthy as well, you could have a bad landscaping problem.

If you don't want to lose the shade and privacy, but you know that the trees have to go, find a local landscaping company that can bring in the mature trees that you need. Here are a few things to talk with the landscaping experts about.

Extracting the Diseased Trees  

You don't want to attempt to cut down any disease trees on your own. Cutting down trees is highly dangerous and can be fatal, even for the professionals. Instead, you want a professional tree removal service to come take the tree down, remove the stump, and dispose of all the infected and diseased tree components left on your property. Once these trees have been removed, you have room for new design options.

Choose Fast Growing Trees

There are a lot of fast growing trees that you can choose to use to replace the trees that you had. Buying large trees that are mature can be very costly, and starting with smaller trees that are going to grow quickly may be much more cost effective for you. The landscapers can let you know what trees are going to develop the quickest, and which will thrive in your climate.

Hire Professional Care

If you are worried about your trees getting infected again, or if you worry about carrying for them properly, have a landscaping team come in to treat the trees each spring. With professional help you can keep weeds and pests out of the yard, and you can get the lush green grass and tall mature trees that you want.

Professional landscaping services take the stress out of watering your lawn, spraying for weeds, treating the trees, or working hard to get the lawn that you want. If you are noticing that your mature lawn is starting to have problems and that the lawn doesn't look as great as it used to, it's time to let the experts come in and get everything picture perfect again. Maintaining the yard is going to improve the property value of your home, and prevent future landscaping problems down the road.