Don't Lose It: 3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Lawn Green

Posted on: 27 April 2016

It's hard to keep grass green during a drought, especially if you're only allowed to water your lawn once a week. Many people are removing their lawns or just letting them die. If you don't want to lose your lawn, you don't have to. You also don't have to waste a lot of water to keep your lawn green during a drought. Here are four simple steps you can take to keep your lawn looking beautiful even while you're under drought restrictions.

Stick to Automatic Sprinklers

You might think that using your hose is the best way to water your lawn. However, to keep your lawn watered properly, you should be using automatic sprinklers. There are couple of reasons why automatic sprinklers work the best, especially during a drought.

First, you can adjust your sprinklers so that you're not watering the sidewalks. That means that all the valuable water you're using will go directly to your lawn. Second, the spray from the sprinkler heads will move across your lawn in a careful pattern, ensuring that your lawn receives an even distribution of water. Third, automatic sprinklers allow you to set timers, which will ensure that your lawn is watered for the appropriate amount of time. A company like Steeplechase can give you more information about sprinklers.

Aerate Your Lawn

If you don't already aerate your lawn, you should start. Aeration helps your soil absorb more valuable water during each watering session. The easiest way to aerate your lawn is with a pair of golf shoes. Golf shoes have spikes on the soles that will dig into the soil. Simply put your golf shoes on and take a slow, leisurely walk across your lawn. Be sure to walk up and down the lawn and then side to side. This will ensure that the entire lawn is properly aerated. Repeat your walk at least once a month. With proper aeration, you won't have to use as much water to keep your lawn green. That's because more of the water will be able to soak into the soil.

Keep the Blades Sharp

If you can't remember the last time you had your lawn mower blades sharpened, you may be damaging your lawn. When you use dull blades to mow your lawn, the blades can rip through the blades rather than cut through them. However, when your blades are sharpened properly, they're able to cut through the blades smoothly. The smooth edges prevent damage and keep your lawn healthy.

If you're not ready to get rid of your lawn during the drought, you don't have to. Use these simple steps to help keep your lawn green.