Keeping Plants From Dying During A Heat Wave

Posted on: 9 May 2016

If you have several flowers and plants in your yard, you most likely tend to them regularly to keep them healthy and attractive. It is important to know how to deal with high temperatures and dry conditions that are often present at some point during the summer months. Routine landscape maintenance efforts may need to be increased when there is an imminent heat wave on the horizon. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your plants are kept healthy when temperatures rise and moisture is scant.

Increase Your Watering Schedule To Keep Moisture Present

Keep on top of weather forecasts so you are well aware when you need to increase the duration and frequency of watering your plants. It is important to also be aware of any water restrictions in your area, as communities often put these in place during hot weather so water is conserved. You may need to water plants at certain times of the day if your area has these restrictions. Call a landscape maintenance service to help with watering if you are unable to tend to it yourself due to time restraints. You can also set up a sprinkler system to automatically water plants at pre-determined times.

Keep Plants In Shade To Keep Moisture From Dissipating

To protect your plants' leaves and stems from drying, keep them out of the direct sunlight if possible. Options include moving plants to an area where shade sets in during a portion of the day or adding a protective covering above the plants during hot conditions. If you decide to move plants, do so under the guidance of a landscaping service so the soil you select is similar in nutrient content. This will help keep the plants from going into shock. If you decide to add shade by covering, you can do so easily by placing a tarp over several posts you push into the ground. This is a temporary solution that can be used during hot times of the year.

Add A Fertilizer To Soil To Help Keep Roots Hydrated

A fertilizer can be added to the soil around your plants to help aid in moisture retention. A slow-releasing nitrogen-based fertilizer will help keep the plants' roots intact at times when they usually dry out from severe drought conditions. Adding nitrogen to the soil keeps them hardy enough to withstand the dry conditions so they do not deteriorate as a result. This type of fertilizer also increases carbohydrates in the plants, giving them the energy needed to continue to grow even when moisture content is not ideal.

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