Create The Rich, Full Lawn You Want With Zoysa Grass

Posted on: 18 May 2016

If you have patches in your lawn that are missing grass, consider purchasing zoysa grass from a sod farm to help give your yard the beautiful look you want. Zoysa grass is different than most of the other types of grass that you can get from a sod farm. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know before purchasing zoysa grass to use in your yard.

Create Borders to Contain the Zoysa Grass

Zoysa grass is a type of grass that thrives in warm environments and spreads vigorously. Create a border around your yard to keep the grass contained so that you do not have grass growing in your flower beds. The borders need to go down and into the ground an inch or two to keep the roots of the grass from spreading under the borders and spreading.

Plant the Grass Sporadically Throughout the Yard

When you purchase zoysa grass from a sod farm, you will receive grass plugs rather than grass seeds. Poke holes in the ground sporadically and place one plug into each hole that you created. As the grass takes root, it will begin to spread and start to cover all of the bare spots in your yard.

Water the Grass Regularly

When planting any grass or seeds in your yard, you need to water them regularly. Be sure to water the grass early in the morning or later in the evening before or after the sun rises or sets. You do not want there to be direct sunlight shining on the grass when you water it because it can cause the water to evaporate too quickly and not provide the grass with the water that it needs to grow.

Give the Grass Time to Grow

Finally, you want to be sure to give the grass time to grow before cutting the lawn. The grass needs to take root before mowing so that it does not just pull up out of the ground when you mow it. It is best to wait for the inches to grow to a few inches in height before mowing it. Be sure not to mow it too short, or it could dry out in the hot sun.

If you notice that the zoysa grass is growing somewhere that you do not want it to grow, remove it from the area right away by digging it up and removing the roots. The grass will continue to spread across your entire lawn without you having to plant new plugs year after year.