Want A Low Maintenance Water Feature? Here Are Three Factors That Reduce Maintenance

Posted on: 25 May 2016

Ponds, water fountains, and waterfalls are all popular water features for an outdoor space. They can transform a dull and boring space into a lush and tropical one. However, most water features require care and maintenance. This helps to keep the water clean and the feature free of algae. But, while all outdoor water features will require some care, there are a few things you can do during the building process to reduce the amount of maintenance yours will need. Here are three of those factors.

Place the Water Feature in the Shade

Believe it or not, but something as simple as placing your outdoor water feature in the shade, rather than the sun, can reduce the amount of maintenance and care it needs. This is because the sun directly contributes to algae growth. When there is less sun, algae has a harder time growing and it won't grow as quickly. This allows you to catch and clean any algae that does grow before you have a full-on infestation that takes time to clean and possibly leaves stains on your rocks or fountain.

Minimize Sitting Water

Unless you are looking to build a pond to house fish, you don't want a lot of sitting water if you don't want to perform maintenance. Sitting water needs to be constantly filtered, cleaned and maintained or it can get dirty, murky, or even become a breeding ground to pests, such as mosquitoes. If you are looking for low maintenance in your outdoor water feature, consider fountains that constantly move or pondless waterfall features. You get the perks of hearing and seeing water move without having worry about the maintenance that goes into caring for sitting water.

Minimize the Number of Trees or Plants Nearby

The last way to reduce the amount of maintenance your water feature will need is to reduce the number of trees and plants that lose leaves and flowers near the water feature. Leaves, flowers and branches can all wind up in your water feature. This can cause a clog in your filtration system or leave you constantly cleaning the feature to remove this debris. Placing your water feature away from these types of plants, or making sure they are pruned back away from the water feature can help ensure these items don't wind up in your water feature often.

Placing your water feature in the sun, minimizing the amount of sitting water in your feature, and placing it away from trees or plants that lose leaves or flowers can reduce how much time you spend maintaining it. However, all water features will need some maintenance. If you love the idea of having a water feature, but don't want to maintain it, a professional waterfall service or landscape company can help you maintain the feature. 

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