Do You Have A Deer Problem? Change Up The Landscaping To Deter Their Presence

Posted on: 30 September 2016

Most homeowners can expect wildlife to enter their yard at some point in time. Desert climates have birds, tortoises, and scorpions and areas with forests nearby have rabbits, squirrels, and deer. If you know that deer have been causing landscape problems, whether through the destruction they leave behind or because you actually see them in your backyard, you might be interested in eliminating their presence. Focusing on several landscaping projects can have a noticeable impact on deer appearances.

Trim Hanging Branches

Deer have a varied diet, so they will eat grass and foliage from shrubs, but they are also known to cause damage to trees by consuming the fruit and leaves. An easy fix is to trim all branches that hang low. Each species of deer grows into different sizes, so you should figure out what species you have. It is ideal not to overtrim your trees to a point in which they no longer are healthy or look attractive. Another way to determine the ideal height to trim branches to is by looking at what deer have already consumed.

Wrap Your Trees

If you know that trimming the trees on a regular basis is not going to do the trick, you will want to wrap your trees. Chicken wire is what you will need for this task, and it is not an overly challenging project. If you can apply mulch, put posts in the ground, and securely put wire on a fence, you are fine. It is up to you for whether you want to rely on professional assistance to have the surrounding fence installed.

Add Deterrents

You may end up finding yourself in a situation where every plant in your yard is getting munched on by deer. It might be tempting to focus solely on getting them off of your property. But, even with the most effective methods, they are going to come back eventually. An effective alternative is to start growing plants that deer do not want to eat, which will always leave you with a nice-looking garden. You can grow lavender, mountain mahogany, and other plants to start avoiding damage altogether.

A deer problem can range anywhere from mild to severe. When you are willing to take all of these ideas and put them into action on your landscape, you will make your yard look a little better than before. But, the main benefit is keeping deer from roaming around your land and causing visible damage. For more information, contact companies like All Season Landscaping.