Tips For Landscaping Around The Pine Trees In Your Backyard

Posted on: 22 November 2016

If you have recently purchased a home that has pine trees in the backyard, then it is important that you know how to landscape around them. Since pine trees create acidic soils, not all flowers and bushes will grow near pine trees. To this end, here are some tips for successfully landscaping your backyard around the existing pine trees:

Tip: Prune the Low-Growing Branches from the Pine Trees

In order to grow any other plants near the base of your backyard's pine trees, first, you must prune away any low-growing branches from them. These low branches will block the sunlight and make it hard for other plants to become established. When you prune your pine trees, always use sterilized tools and ensure that you are trimming the trees during their dormant season to prevent illness or fungal infections in the trees. 

Tip: Clean and Till the Soil Around the Base of the Pine Trees

Before you can plant any flowers or shrubs around the base of your pine trees, you must clean away any pine needles and till the soil. Use a rake to remove any pine needles and pine cones around the base of the trees. Pull out any weeds that have grown, making sure that you pull their roots as well so they don't regrow. Till the soil down a foot or so using a hoe. If you encounter any of the pine tree's roots, skip tilling that immediate area.

Tip: Choose Ferns, Azaleas, and Other Plants that can Tolerate Acidic Soils to Plant Around Pine Trees

Since your backyard's pine trees will create a fair amount of shade and their dropped pine needles will make the soil acidic, it is important for you to select plants that can tolerate both of these conditions. Ferns grow well around the base of pine trees and should be near the top of your selection list. Flowering plants such as azaleas will last for many years and produce beautiful flowers around the base of your trees. 

Tip: Choose Plants that can Tolerate Drought Conditions to Plant Around Pine Trees

Finally, since your pine trees will soak up most of the water around them, it is vital that you choose plants that are tolerant in drought conditions. If you choose annual flowers and plants that need a lot of water to thrive, then you will need to water your landscaping each day during the summer months or the pine trees will absorb all of the available water and kill off your new landscaping.

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