Tips For Choosing New Sod And Preparing Your Property For A Healthy New Lawn

Posted on: 14 April 2021

The quickest and easiest way to a lush new lawn is to have sod installed. A sod installation company can do all the work for you, and when they're finished, you'll have healthy green grass ready to nurture and grow. Here are some important steps in getting your new lawn.

Choose The Grass And Amount

You'll probably need professional advice from the sod company when choosing the best grass for your property. Some grasses grow better in shade, and others need full sun. The type of grass you choose depends on the conditions in your yard. Plus, you can also choose slower-growing grass or drought-tolerant grass.

Once you've chosen the type of grass you want, you need to choose the square footage you need. The grass is ordered by the pallet or roll. You don't want too much, because grass can't be returned since it will die quickly if not put on the ground and watered. Have the square footage of your yard calculated, or take the measurements of your yard with you so a sod professional can help you order the right amount.

Prepare Your Property

You'll need to clear away yard clutter so the crew can work, but you can leave the removal of your old yard and the installation of the sod up to the company if you prefer. If you want to save money, you can prepare the soil yourself if you have the tools needed and don't mind some hard work.

Preparing the soil involves killing off all the grass and weeds in your yard so they can be removed. This has to be timed carefully so the herbicide has been washed away before the new sod is put down. The old grass and weeds can then be stripped off of your lawn, and then the soil can be made ready.

At the least, the soil needs to be tilled before applying sod. You might also want the soil tested so you can add nutrients that are missing. This is also a good time to have an irrigation system added so it's easier to water your grass once it's on the ground.

Install The New Grass

Installing the sod is easy when compared to getting the ground ready. If you order the sod in rolls, the sod installation company just rolls the sod out like a rug. If you order squares on a pallet, the crew positions the squares next to each other while walking on the lawn as little as possible. The sod has to go down fast once it's been stripped from the sod farm, so all prep work has to be completed before the sod is delivered.

Nurture Your New Lawn

Once the sod is in place, your work begins. Your new sod needs to develop strong roots so the grass survives. The sod farm should supply you with information on how to care for the type of grass you buy. It's also good to read up on lawn care so you know how to cut, water, and feed your lawn properly in the years to come.