Soil Stabilization Solutions To Prepare For Construction Over Soft Terrain

Posted on: 21 July 2021

When you have to prepare for building over soft soil, there are many issues to consider. Sometimes, the soil needs to be hardened or stabilized to prepare for construction. Thus, you might need to find the right soil stabilization solutions for the needs of your home. The following information will help you with the soil stabilization you need to do before construction:

Evaluating the Soil  

The type of soil is an important factor to consider before choosing the right stabilization technique for your project. The evaluation of the soil can pinpoint exactly where problems are present and allow you to choose the best solutions for soil stabilization before work begins. It will also allow you to determine if solutions like lime stabilization techniques are right for the needs of your project.

Types of Stabilization

Soil stabilization systems can be made from many materials, including liquid lime or soluble lime. Liquid lime is the easiest way to create harder soils that you can build structures on. These processes harden the soil to provide a solid foundation for structural loads. It is also a cost-effective solution because the treatments are applied to the soil during excavation.

Applying Lime to Soil

Lime stabilization involves injecting lime slurry into loose soil to harden it. This will harden the soil and enable it to support construction. The slurry is injected into the soil during excavation, when the main grading is done before beginning the project. This helps to harden the soil because the lime reaction causes calcium deposits to form and harden the soil. This process can be done to soil where buildings are going to be built or for other needs, such as for a parking area or to stabilize soil for landscaping installations.

Timeline of Soil Stabilization

The process of lime stabilization is similar to the way concrete hardens after it is poured. The ideal time for this process is prior to any construction so that the lime has enough time to react with the soil and form the calcium that makes the soil harder. Therefore, allowing enough time for the soil to harden properly is crucial to ensure the soil can support structures that are built on top of it.

The stabilization of soil might be needed to deal with problems with soil before you can begin your projects. Contact a soil stabilization service to discuss the needs of your project and improve conditions before you start.