Bought A New Home? 2 Tips To Landscape The Yard

Posted on: 4 October 2021

If you recently purchased a new home, there is likely a lot of work to do inside and out. The landscaping is important as this is the first thing people see when they visit you. Below are two tips on landscaping your yard.

Plant a Flower Garden

A flower garden is beautiful, and you have many options to consider. You could plant a small garden or a large one. No matter what size you choose, you need to make sure you choose the right flowers. Consider if the flower garden is in full sun, part sun, or mostly shade. You can then determine the best flowers to choose. Choosing flowers that are native to the state that you live in will probably grow best for you.

When planting flowers, choose colors that go well together or a variety of colors. Plant tall flowers in the back and shorter in the front so all flowers can be seen. Plant both annuals, which you have to replace each year, and perennials, that will regrow each year on their own. 

Put an edging around the flower garden to not only make it look nice but to also keep grass and weeds from growing into it. Put mulch in the flower garden to prevent weeds from growing. Mulch is beneficial for the flowers also as it helps hold in moisture. When laying mulch, push it away a few inches from the base of each flower so you do not smother them. 

Use Hardscaping

Along with flowers, use hardscaping in your landscaping.  Install a walkway that leads to your front door or leads to your flower garden. You can choose from a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, stone, brick, or use pavers. You can use steppingstones and can buy molds to make these yourself. 

Adding fencing is another form of hardscaping. If you currently do not have a fence around your yard, this can be beneficial. This is especially true if you have pets as you could let them run around and not worry about them leaving your yard. 

Install a patio and attach it to your home. Patios give you and your family a place to spend outside and it provides a place you can entertain on. Put beautiful patio furniture and decorations on the patio. You could also add a deck to your home as another area for you and your family to spend time outdoors. 

Hire a landscape contractor to help you with your landscaping so it will look beautiful.