Water Damage On The Roof: 3 Common Sources Of Leaks

Posted on: 23 November 2021

Whether you own a large or small home, a roof leak is one of the worst things you can ever experience. A leak can extensively destroy your roofing structure and walls if not addressed in time. 

Therefore, you ought to fix roofing issues as soon as they emerge to avoid losses and large inconveniences. Besides that, learning the causes of leaks in the roof will enable you to take the necessary preventative actions. This article looks at the three most popular causes of leaks and ways to handle them.

Damages to the Roof Flashing

The flashing on the roof includes the thin metal strips placed beneath the shingles. Its function is to waterproof the internal structures against water damage. Building contractors usually install the flashing on the joints or beneath the shingles. Once they conceal the flashing, you can only see the rubberized coating on top of the shingles.

But when the flashing begins to wear down, you will notice visible cracks. In this case, roofing repair experts use tar to seal the flashing. However, the tar might suffer corrosion over time, leading to leakages. At this point, the roofing contractor might recommend a replacement if the damage on the flashing is extensive.

Poor Roof Valley Sealing

A roof valley is a section of the roofing structure where adjacent planes join each other. They are common in slopping parts of the rooftop. If the contractor makes a mistake during the sealing process, water and moisture will leak into the house and cause massive water damage.

In addition, stepping on the valleys constantly and erosion can result in cracking and damages. Therefore, the best way to handle the situation is by sealing the roof valleys as required.

Damages on the Boots of the Vents

When the vent boots begin to crack, you will start to experience leaks from the roof. Normally, vent boots appear as protruding pipes on the rooftop. They are prone to damage because of their constant exposure to harsh weather elements.

Mustiness and dark spots around the boots signal a hidden water leak on the roof.  In this case, you can replace the impaired boot by removing the flashing. Furthermore, you should find out the source of the leak and fix it to avoid damage to other roof structures. 

By inspecting your roof regularly, you will notice emerging leaks. The extent of the damage will determine the steps taken by your roofing professional to handle the repairs. With timely roof repair, you can avoid water damage in your home and increase the roof's lifespan.

Consult a professional in your area if you need a roof leak repair.