Do You Own A Property With A Erroding Turf Field? Get Expert Help For Your Turf Today

Posted on: 11 January 2022

If you own or manage a property with artificial turf and the turf hasn't been maintained or inspected by professionals, it's time to get the turf looked at. Turf is a costly investment, and you want to protect it so the athletes can use it years into the future.

UV rays, water, wind, and usage will all damage the turf over time. Call a turf maintenance company and ask about having these things done now to make the surface better for use, and then create a plan for future maintenance.

Maintain with High Quality Products

 Maintaining the turf properly and stopping small rips and holes before they become bigger problems is an easy way to preserve the turf over time. Call a service company to come do the following every couple of years:

  • Cross hatch new synthetic turf pieces into bald or damaged areas
  • Restore turf pieces to the proper vertical position
  • Look at the infill levels and insert new infill where needed

Safeshell and Envirofill are both great infill options that are durable with a high density for heavy traffic.  Safeshell is a high-quality organic infill that won't break down easily over time. Envirofill is nontoxic, ecological, and a great antimicrobial option.

Target High Traffic Areas

The type of sports that are being played will determine where the high traffic areas are on the turf. Make sure that you are checking your high traffic areas as regularly as possible, and that you are using extra infill in these areas if needed. This would be in front of a goal for a soccer field, the pitching mound for baseball and the most used areas for different sports.

Paint If Needed

If the turf looks as though it's starting to discolor or if you don't like how the filled in spots look with the older turf, ask for a quote to have all of the turf sprayed with the same paint. This way it all looks the same and fresh.

When you have athletes competing and practicing on turf, the turf has to be properly maintained for the safety and the quality of play. Talk with the local turf maintenance companies in the area to see the condition of the turf, what repairs need to take place immediately for safety reasons, and what you need to do regularly to make sure the turf stays in good condition. 

If you are in need of artificial turf maintenance, contact a specialist near you.