3 Incentives to Invest in Fireplace Inserts

Posted on: 17 March 2022

Technological advancements have enabled the innovation of advanced home fixtures that increase functionality around the house. One of these innovations is fireplace inserts which are gaining popularity among homeowners with traditional fireplaces. If this is the first time you're interacting with this concept, you must be wondering why someone would insert another fireplace into their masonry fireplace compartment. Well, keep reading to learn how fireplace inserts can benefit your household.

1. Boost Heating Efficiency

If you have a conventional fireplace, you will agree that it takes burning several wood logs before the fixture can start generating enough heat to sufficiently warm your living room. And while this might not seem like a big deal from a day-to-day perspective, if you consider the cumulative number of logs you have to use in a week or even a month, you'll be inclined to consider exploring other alternatives.

And you're in luck because fireplace inserts are the perfect alternative to conventional fireplaces. Their innovative design accelerates heating and prevents the loss of any heat generated. It's made of cast iron which is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning that your living room will start feeling warm just a few minutes after the fireplace is activated. The fixture additionally comes with a glass door that prevents energy wastage.

2. Minimize Chimney Maintenance

For someone with a traditional fireplace, you'll agree that you heavily invest in maintenance to keep the fixture safe and efficient. You need to routinely commission chimney sweeping to clear out soot and creosote build-up along the lining of the smoke vent.

This way, smoke doesn't back up into your house because the chimney is clogged, and you don't have to deal with a chimney fire because fire embers floating in the chimney ignited the flammable creosote build-up.

What if you didn't have to commit to such extensive chimney maintenance to enjoy the warmth from your fireplace? If you invest in a fireplace insert, you significantly minimize the number of chimney inspection appointments you have to schedule. The modern fixture being an enclosure ensures you never have to worry about smoke backup or chimney fires.

3. Lower Your Household's Carbon Footprint

Something that isn't talked about enough is how much pollution conventional fireplaces add to the environment. Since they're fueled by burning wood, all the by-products of combustion are released into your surroundings. This significantly increases your household's carbon footprint even if you consciously live a green lifestyle.

To lower your carbon footprint, you should consider installing a fireplace insert that will contain all by-products that would ordinarily be released into the atmosphere. This way, you can gain peace of mind knowing your household isn't causing harm to the planet.

If you have a conventional fireplace, this is your cue to consider installing a fireplace insert. Click here for more info.