Make Sure To Prep Your Yard For Sod

Posted on: 13 October 2022

Sod is a fast way to get a nice, green lawn. That's because sod is grass that is grown specifically for this purpose. When harvested, it is turned into strips, which can be placed on the dirt. The sod comes with some soil and roots, quickly allowing the grass to turn into a beautiful lawn. If you are going to install sod, you need to make sure that you prepare your yard for the sod to give it the best possible chance.  

Start Early

You don't want to wait until right before the sod is coming to start prepping your yard for the sod. You need to start doing everything a few weeks ahead because some of the stuff you need to do will take time. So, figure out when you want the sod to be delivered and then get to work prepping your lawn. 

Spray Herbicide

You will need to get a good broad-spectrum, non-specific herbicide and spray it on the existing lawn if you have any weeds or grass. Your goal is to eliminate as much of what is there as possible. You may need to do this a couple of times, about a week apart. You want to do this a few weeks before the sod comes because you don't want any residue from the herbicide to be in your yard, which could cause your sod not to grow. Protect yourself while you are spraying the herbicide, and wash as soon as you are done spraying it. 

Amend Your Soil

Once the majority of any existing grass is gone, you should take the time to amend your soil. Lay something like compost or fertilizer on your yard and let it sit for a couple of weeks; then, you can get something like a rototiller and work it into the soil while loosening up the ground to make it easier for the roots of the sod to get a grip. Make sure that your prepared soil goes down several inches because the deeper the ground is prepared, the deeper the roots of the sod will go. 

Once you have done all the prep work, you can lay the sod. If you aren't all that handy, you can hire a landscaper to do the work for you. They will be able to prep your yard, make sure that your soil is healthy, and give you suggestions about what kind of sod you should put in your yard. For more information on sod installation, contact a professional near you.