Signs Your Trees Need To Be Trimmed And How This Is Done

Posted on: 26 October 2022

If you have trees in your yard, part of keeping them healthy is trimming them when it is needed. To prevent your trees from having problems, you'll need to know the signs that they need to be trimmed. You will also find information on how a tree trimming service will trim the trees for you to keep them healthy and growing well. 

Signs Trees Need to Be Trimmed

One sign a tree needs to be trimmed is when it is misshapen. A healthy tree should look even on both sides. If you see a lot of branches sticking out of the tree, they need to be trimmed. If the canopy gets too full, it should be trimmed. The canopy is the top of the tree, which can easily become too full. If this happens, this will affect the health of the trees because water and sunlight cannot get through a canopy if it is too thick. This means the water cannot get to the roots of your trees when it rains. 

If you have trees near the street, you may have overgrown branches that are growing close to power lines. If trees are planted near your home, branches may be hanging above the roof. This can cause damage if you have a bad storm because these branches may fall and hit the roof or hit a power line. If you live in a neighborhood, your city may take care of trees that are planted near streets if they are close to a power line. 

How Trees Are Trimmed

Always hire a tree trimming service to trim your trees for you because it can be dangerous to do on your own. They will first do an inspection to determine what needs to be trimmed. They will look for dead branches or branches that are tangled up and remove them. For healthy branches, they will leave them alone if they can. The service may use pruners to remove overhanging branches. If the tree is very large, they may have to use a chainsaw to cut very large branches off the tree. 

For the canopy, branches inside the canopy are removed to thin it out. If the outside of the tree is misshapen, the tree trimming service will remove all branches that are sticking out to make the size more uniform.  

Talk with the tree trimming service to learn more about trimming trees. They can also give you many tips on keeping the trees in your yard healthy.