Significant Mulch Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 13 December 2022

Mulch is a useful and versatile material that can be used to help protect the plants that you have growing on your property. For example, mulch can be placed around the base of plants to protect them from weeds and to help them retain moisture. While mulch can seem fairly straightforward to use, there are several mistakes that people can make when they are using mulch in their landscaping design.

Applying Mulch In An Uneven Way

When the mulch is being applied around the base of your plants, it is important for it to be as level as possible. Unfortunately, some individuals may not be as diligent when it comes to ensuring an even application of mulch, and this can lead to the mulch being far less effective. Furthermore, the unevenness of the mulch could lead to water having a tendency to pond. By making the mulch as level as possible, you can avoid these issues while also ensuring that the mulch will look its best.

Using Too Little Mulch In The Landscaping

Using too little mulch is another issue that will often be made. At a minimum, the mulch that you apply should be a couple of inches thick. This can allow to provide effective protection against weeds and allow for better moisture retention in the soil. In an effort to save money on their mulch expenses, some individuals may order far less than this amount. At other times, a person may accidentally order too little due to miscalculating the amount that they will need. When you are preparing to order your mulch for a project, ordering slightly more than you think you will need to help to lessen these risks so that you will be more likely to have enough mulch to provide optimal results.

Placing The Mulch Too Close To The Base Of Woody Plants

As you are placing the mulch around your plants, care should be taken to prevent placing the mulch too close to the base of woody plants. Unfortunately, individuals may make this mistake, and it can have some severe consequences for the health of your plants. For example, it could be possible for the mulch to trap moisture against the base of the plant, and this could lead to it rotting. In order to avoid this, the mulch should be kept at a safe distance from the base of the plant so that it will not be in direct contact with it. Some individuals may place a series of rocks near the base of the plant to ensure the mulch will not shift positions that can get too close to it.

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