Elevate Your Landscaping with Arched Trellises

Posted on: 9 February 2023

Do you want to give your landscape a fun or beautiful focal point? Then consider the many ways to use an arched trellis in your yard. Here are a few for any style yard and any budget. 

1. An Arched Entrance

One of the most iconic ways to use a classic arched trellis is as a gate entrance for your yard. Usually painted a crisp white, the arch stands out and welcomes guests. It's a great base for a cottage garden or as a focal point for a tamer landscape design. 

2. View Highlights

Do you enjoy a particularly good view somewhere in your yard? An arched trellis is a great way to focus on it and draw attention. Use the arch as a frame to find the perfect location to best capture a distant mountaintop, the setting sun, your flower garden, or the pool. 

Design with color and texture contrast between the trellis and surrounding landscaping to further focus attention where you want it. 

3. A Trellis Tunnel

Many visitors to botanical gardens and outdoor venues enjoy the romance and elegance of a trellis tunnel. Why not create your own at home? 

Map out a straight, curved, or horseshoe shape, then install individual, complementary trellises several feet apart over a walking path. Many homeowners use metal trellises, although wood styles work as well and may provide more cover.  

4. A Base for Greenery

The trellis itself is a great base for climbing vines and other greenery. Any type of trellis will do since the plants and flowers will eventually cover it. 

Plant climbing vines or use potted containers at the bases of the trellis as a starter. Train the vines as they grow. The best vines for arched trellises are evergreens which don't die back in winter to expose your base. If the vines need more to hold onto, add branches to the trellis itself. 

5. Complemented Architecture

Repeated motifs and shapes make a landscape — as well as interior and exterior decor — look cohesive and well-planned. It also draws attention to details you want visitors to notice. 

What kinds of architectural details are on your home, fencing, or landscape? Modern trellis designs can bring out geometric shapes, circles and curves, color schemes, or the overall architectural period of the house. 

Where to Start

Ready to find the best trellis and location for your landscape? You can start by meeting with a landscape design contractor at a local company such as C & J Landscaping today.