Take Your Landscape To A New Level With A Practical And Pretty Retaining Wall

Posted on: 23 June 2023

Combining aesthetics with practicality in landscape design is a win-win situation. Adding a retaining wall to your design is one way you can incorporate this into your landscape. Whether you want to create a retaining wall that doubles as a seating area or you want to add extra space for a raised garden bed into your landscape design, a retaining wall makes it possible. 

Create a sitting area

A sitting area built into a retaining wall can be as simple or elegant as you want. Build a small bench into your retaining wall next to a flower garden to add a touch of charm to the area and to give you a place to sit when you need a break from weeding the garden. If you want to add more seating to an outdoor entertainment area, building a long concrete sitting area into your retaining wall will make it easy to accommodate multiple people at your next outdoor event.

Incorporate steps

If you have a rocky or hilly landscape, much of the landscape will go unused because it is difficult to navigate. Building multiple retaining walls into a sloped or hilly landscape will help you maximize your outdoor space while at the same time giving your landscape a dramatic and pleasing appeal. Adding multiple retaining walls with steps will make it easy to access all areas of your sloped landscape. 

Enclose a firepit

A retaining wall built around a seating area that includes a firepit will help distinguish the area from the rest of your landscape design and add interest to your backyard. A square retaining wall will add contrast around a circular firepit and likewise, a circular retaining wall is best used if your firepit is designed in a square shape.

Add a raised bed for gardening

Adding beauty to a retaining wall is easy when you incorporate garden boxes for growing flowers or vegetables into your wall. Retaining walls can double as raised-bed gardens to suit your planting needs. Use a retaining wall next to an outdoor kitchen for growing fresh herbs and vegetables for your summer outdoor cooking.

While retaining walls are often used for preventing soil erosion, their usefulness goes far beyond practical purposes. Retaining walls can be constructed with a wide variety of materials to add natural beauty to your landscape design. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want and can be multi-functional when constructed with additional features.

Contact local contractors to learn more about retaining wall construction.