Landscape Design Trends For 2016 Include A Bit Of Something For Everyone

Posted on: 25 April 2016

In the springtime, many homeowners look to jazz up their landscapes. This year brings some changes, but also finds old favorite features gaining new momentum.

Painted Structures Stand Out

A trend coming from European countries is painting structures, such as fences and arbors, dark blue or dark green. Outdoor structures, such as garden sheds, are also being painted in darker colors than the normal white, beige, and pale grey.

Water is Featured

Among the biggest garden trends in 2016 is the growing interest in water features. From all natural pond-like swimming pools to tiny bubblers tucked into nooks and crannies, the sight and sound of water in the garden is on the top of homeowner lists.

Sustainability Rules

Sustainability is going mainstream, with homeowners asking for and expecting lower maintenance gardens. This trend is not only for ecological reasons, but also to decrease the time and expense of maintenance. A major change is the replacement of large areas of turf grass with ground covers or hardscaping. Water-wise garden beds are now filled with native or drought-tolerant plants.

Edibles Replace Lawns

Homeowners are either mixing edibles in with their other plantings, or ripping out lawns and replacing them with vegetable gardens. Across the country, municipalities  and homeowner associations are running into legal challenges to zoning ordinances and bylaws that forbid growing food in your yard. Landscape designers can often find creative ways to add edibles to the yard without breaking the law, such as with the use of edible ornamentals and fruit trees.

Birds and Bees

Backyard chickens are being allowed in many cities across the nation. Most cities don't allow roosters, and the number of laying hens is often restricted. Bees are also making their way into backyard gardens, with more gardeners taking an interest in raising bees both for the honey and for pollination of their edible plants.

Garden Rooms

With many homeowners downsizing their living space, a trend toward creating outdoor rooms for both leisure and entertainment is big this year. Everything from pergolas and screen rooms to complete outdoor kitchens and dining areas are on the minds of those who like to enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends.

If you are looking to make changes to your landscape this year, check into what trends may suit your lifestyle. Ask a landscape design professional  like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape to suggest features that will give you more time and money to enjoy your yard and outdoor spaces.