3 Tips To Help Deal With Tree Hazards Before A Removal Can Be Done

Posted on: 29 April 2016

For one reason or another, you may need to have a tree removed that is creating a hazard to your property. Sometimes, the tree service will be able to come right away to deal with the hazard, but what if you have to wait? Waiting can be a danger to your property and to people. There are some things that you may want to do to deal with the hazard, such as removing branches or taping off a dangerous zone. Here are some tips that will help you deal with a dangerous situation when you have to have a tree removal done:

1. Removing Hazardous Materials That Are In The Way

There are many hazardous materials that can be in the way when a tree has been damaged. This can often be branches that have fallen. If you can safely get to them, you may want to cut them up and remove them yourself, which can also make getting around your home for repairs easier.

2. Cutting Off Branches That Are At Risk Of Falling

Some branches may be hanging on to a tree by a thread and be a risk to you and your property. Removing these branches can help to prevent unfortunate accidents. It is important that you remove any dead or damaged branches that could potentially fall. This can be done with a pruning tool, or you can rent a set of long reaching tools with a chainsaw attachment to safely remove any dangerous branches.

3. Taping Off Areas With Hazardous Obstacles That Can Cause Injury

Areas around a tree hazard also need to be secured to prevent people from potentially being injured. Once you have done the work that you can do on your home, create a safe zone around the tree and tape it off with warning tape to alert people of the danger. This zone should be away from the canopy of the tree and in an area that is not in danger of falling branches or the tree falling.

4. Dealing With Tree Problems Causing Utility Hazards

There are also hazards of utilities that you may have to deal with. Before you deal with any of these situations, contact the utility service to help you. If there is a problem with power lines, they can cut the service off while branches and tree debris are being cleared. This may be something that you have to deal with yourself, but if you contact a tree service they may be able to help you with these dangerous hazards.

Trees that are a danger to your property should be taken seriously. You may want to contact a tree service to evaluate the situation and get help with emergency care to prevent problems before the tree can be removed.