Allergic To Fire Ants? Let Professionals Take Care Of Your Lawn

Posted on: 3 May 2016

Taking care of your lawn might seem like a simple task, but it may be something that you need to be cautious about doing. Working in the front or backyard is one of the easiest ways to expose yourself to insects that can bite and cause allergic reactions. Fire ants have painful stings, and it is not uncommon for those who are allergic to experience major swelling. If you are allergic to fire ant bites and have lots of mounds in your yard, you should get professional lawn care to handle all of your lawn-related needs.

Handle Most Landscape-Related Needs

While you might think that lawn care professionals are only there to mow the lawn and make sure there are no invading weeds, this is not the case. Some services will pick up branches and clean all areas of grass clippings, while others provide a complete package that can include tree care and irrigation maintenance.

Take Care of Fire Ant Problems

It is important to get lawn care service that can take care of the ant control problem. Since these ants will build mounds directly on the grass, they will get in the way of a completely healthy and attractive lawn. Destroying an ant mount is not that easy of a process as it requires killing the queen. Also, you should not expect to eliminate all fire ant colonies from your property forever, they will eventually come back. Fortunately, you can just have lawn care professionals take care of any mounds during a service.

Keep You from Being at Risk

As a homeowner, you deserve to be able to enjoy your yard as much as you would like to. So, getting lawn care service is almost essential if you want to walk around with confidence. To minimize the risk, you should get weekly or bi-weekly service as the longest interval to keep colony numbers down. Even with this service, you should make it a priority to wear shoes, tall socks, and pants to avoid contact with ants. Tucking the legs of your pants into your shoes or socks will help you maximize protection.

Taking care of your lawn is simply part of being a homeowner, but a fire ant allergy and fire ant mounds can prevent you from handling this responsibility on your own. Fortunately, you can find lawn care services that will not only keep your lawn beautiful, but will also eliminate fire ant mounds for you. To learn more, contact a landscaping company like Eliot's Landscape LLC