Add Beauty And Utility To Your Yard With Fire

Posted on: 12 May 2016

Fire is one of the primordial elements. Fire gives warmth in the coldest of weather. However, the flickering of flames also offers a mesmerizing appeal. Combine both the beauty and the usefulness of fire in your yard's hardscaping.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is one of the most useful additions you can make to your yard or patio. Wherever you place a fire pit becomes an instant congregation place. Fire pits can be small, portable affairs that even fit onto a tabletop. However, consider having a pit installed into your backyard or patio.

Style-wise, you can choose from the most modern concrete installation to a rustic version that resembles a bonfire. There are options in how you feed the fire, too. It's possible to choose either a gas or propane line and fill the bowl with rocks or glass. Alternatively, you can choose to burn wood in your fire pit.


An outdoor fireplace is more formal than a fire pit. These installations are typically part of a patio, either as the centerpiece of a lounge or for cooking in the outdoor kitchen. As with a fire pit, seating for a fireplace can be either portable or built-in. Materials for your outdoor fireplace include traditional brick or stone as well as stucco or concrete, which can be stamped and stained to resemble another material or left natural for a mod look. It's possible to have a prefabricated fireplace unit or fully custom installation constructed in your backyard.

Fire Wall

Another option for useful fire hardscaping is a fire wall or fire hearth. As the Landscaping Network points out, installing a fire hearth doesn't require the same permits as a full-fledged fireplace. As a bonus, most fire hearths come with built-in seating. A fire wall can also serve as a retaining wall if necessary. As with fireplaces, you can select either a prefabricated or custom design.

Fire and Water Features

Of course, what's another primordial element? Water. Combining these two elements makes for a highly attractive addition to your hardscaping. If you already have a water feature, such as a pool, in your yard, consider adding a fire element. This can consist of a fire pot near the pool. Alternatively consider a more integrated design. For example, start with a basic water fountain and add a fire pot to the top. You could go even more customized than that, for example by having a waterfall installed behind a fire pit. The image of flames dancing in the water's reflection will have a magical appeal in your yard.

Combine the beauty of fire and the utility of heat in a fire installation that adds value to your backyard. 

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