Two Tips For Caring For Your New Home's Artificial Pond

Posted on: 23 May 2016

Having a pond in your yard can be an excellent way of improving both the look and value of your property. For those that have recently acquired property that has an artificial pond, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to caring for the pond. Luckily, keeping the following couple of tips in mind can help ensure that your pond avoids some common problems.

Winterize Your Pond

The winter months can pose a number of threats to your pond, but it can be common for new pond owners to overlook the importance of winterizing an artificial pond. One of the first steps that you should take to winterize the pond is to thoroughly clean it. This will involve removing any surface debris as well as the materials that are found on the bottom of the pond. Removing these substances will help to minimize the growth of algae during the winter.

To prevent debris from filling the pool during the fall and winter, you should consider installing netting over the pool. This will catch these substances before they land in the water, which will make them far easier to remove. Additionally, you will need to have the pump and aerators shut down when freezing temperatures arrive. If you fail to shut off these devices, they can suffer severe damage as the freezing water expands.

Have The Pump Serviced Each Spring

After you have readied the pond for the summer months, you should make sure to have the pumps and aerators serviced. The winter months can cause substantial wear on these components, which can lead them to suffer serious damages.

During a service visit, a pond maintenance professional will thoroughly inspect the seals of the pump and aerator. Freezing winter temperatures can cause the seals to become brittle, and if this type of problem is present with your pump, new seals will need to be installed to prevent major leaks from developing. In addition to checking the seals, these professionals will also change the filter and check the lubrication of any moving parts.

The aerators utilize an air compressor to pump oxygen into the water. During a service visit, the aerator will be tested to ensure that it is producing the desired amount of air, and the air compressor will be serviced to ensure that it is free of any mechanical wear or problems. Failure to have the aerator serviced can lead to the loss of the fish that are in the pond as you may not notice there is a problem with the aerator until the fish have died due to a lack of oxygen. To find out more, speak with a business like The Pond Man.