Want To Get Lawn Mowing Services? 3 Ways To Keep Your Dogs From Ruining The Grass In Between Services

Posted on: 26 May 2016

Keeping your yard maintained requires mowing the lawn every week or two. But, despite the fact that you may want to have an attractive landscape, you may not like the idea of being the one to maintain it. Getting lawn mowing services is the perfect solution to this problem. The one thing that can get in the way is your dogs, which may be prone to causing all sorts of damage to the yard, especially the grass. Instead of keeping your dogs from going outside or keeping an eye on them at all times, you can invest in a few changes to the backyard that can help you maintain a healthy lawn in between mowing services.

Create a Separate Potty Space

Dog urine is one of the main issues that you will run into with a real grass lawn. The urine will cause the grass to become yellow, and it can prevent grass from growing in the area with continuous urinating. So, instead of accepting defeat and allowing part of your lawn to suffer, you can create a potty space. Taking on this task is something that you should be able to handle over the weekend. All it takes is a few things like wooden boards that are used to border the potty space, pebbles, pea gravel, and fiberglass screen.

Add Barriers to the Yard

If the sides of your property are decent in size, you may want to turn them into dog runs. This allows you to keep your dogs restricted to a specific part of the yard, which will help you protect the lawn. Or, if you have already gone through a few headaches and know exactly where your dogs cause the most damage, you can just create barriers with mesh fencing or chain-link fencing to restrict access to certain areas.

Dedicate a Section to Digging

It might seem like a strange idea to encourage digging, but you may not be able to stop your dogs from digging unless you keep them inside at all times. So, the better alternative is to make a digging section. You can remove a small portion of the lawn and make sure it is filled with plenty of dirt or sand. Then, you can put some favorite toys and treats in the area to encourage digging in that space.

Since you want to get lawn mowing services to maintain a beautiful yard, it can be unfortunate to have your dogs ruin the hard work that you pay landscaping professionals to handle. Investing in some or all of these solutions will prevent you from having to deal with lawn damage on a regular basis.