Trimming Dead Branches Out Of A Tree Is Important For Safety Reasons And To Protect Your Tree's Health

Posted on: 24 March 2020

It can be normal for tree branches to die in a healthy tree. This might happen due to storms, from humans, or even because of animal activity. Branches can also die off due to diseases, and that's not a normal situation. If your tree has a disease, it should be checked by an arborist and treated. No matter what caused the branches in your tree to die, the dead wood should be removed. Here are some things to know about trimming dead tree branches.

Why Dead Branches Should Be Removed

If you don't cut away dead tree branches, they'll fall off eventually. However, they might fall on a person, your pet, your car, or your house, which could cause damage. Dead branches are a hazard on your property. They can also be a hazard to your tree and the health of other trees in your yard. This is because dead wood attracts insects and fungus that can spread. The health of your tree is in jeopardy when it has dead wood.

When Dead Branches Should Be Trimmed

You probably know trees have an ideal time for pruning and trimming, but these guidelines don't apply to dead or sick branches. Instead, the dead branches need to be trimmed away as soon as you notice them, no matter what season it is.

Branches can die whether they're near the ground or high in the tree. If you're dealing with branches high off the ground, you may need to hire a tree trimming service to do the work safely.

How To Tell If Branches Are Dead

It's often obvious when branches are dead because the leaves will be brown or the branches will be bare. One way to tell for sure if a tree is dead is to barely nick the surface of the branch. A dead branch is brown under the surface while a living one is green.

This can help you identify dead branches in the winter when there are no leaves, and it also helps you determine where to cut off the branch to get rid of dead wood while keeping as much of the healthy wood as possible. You may want to have professionals assist you so you know what needs to be cut off. 

Why Proper Technique Is Important

Tree trimming seems like a simple procedure, but there are several things to know. The cuts have to be angled properly to protect buds from rain. The cuts have to be in just the right places, and the cuts need to be sharp so there is no shredding or mistakes that would put the tree at risk of an insect or fungal invasion.

Sharp and sanitary tools are essential for protecting the tree when you trim it. Calling a tree trimming service for help might be a good solution so the dead wood is removed while protecting the health of the tree. A mature tree adds value and beauty to your property, so you want your tree to have a long, healthy life. Proper trimming is important for the health and longevity of your tree as long as it's done properly.

To learn more about tree trimming, contact professional services in your area.