Live In A Loud And Busy Area? 4 Tips To Create A Quiet And Peaceful Landscape

Posted on: 15 May 2020

When you own a home in a loud and busy area, you may contemplate the idea of finding another place to live on occasion. But, if you are happy with all the other things that your house provides, you should make it a priority to solve the problem without selling the place and moving away.

While you may be able to get a decent amount of peace and quiet in the house through various means, this is something that you may struggle to get in your backyard. Investing in landscape design is worthwhile because it can help you achieve the peace and quiet that you desire.


If you do not have a fence that surrounds your property, you will want to incorporate this into your overall plan because it has the potential to reduce noise and provide privacy. While a fence will not block all noise, you can enjoy considerable success with a tall, thick, and solid fence.


Bushy trees are worth adding to your landscape because a thick canopy will do an incredible job of bringing peace and quiet to the property. The thick layer of branches, leaves, and flowers will help to block out the sun, give privacy to your family, and reduce sound from the outside.

Fortunately, you can get results rather quickly by bringing in trees that have already been growing, especially native ones that will continue to grow at a fast rate.


A more targeted approach to blocking out noise directly is privacy hedges that you line up around the property. This is where you can double up with a fence and privacy hedge or just use the privacy hedge for privacy, protection, and sound reduction. The great thing about a hedge is that you will be able to get one that is far thicker than any fence that you can install on the landscape.

Water Feature

While reducing sound through blockage is one way of bringing serenity to your landscape, you can also enjoy success by introducing desirable sounds. For instance, you should not hesitate to install a water feature in the form of a waterfall or water fountain that makes constant noise. By putting it close to where you spend time outside, you can hear the water louder and more clearly.

If you want to turn your landscape into a place that you consider both quiet and peaceful, you should work with a landscape design company to make it happen.

For more tips and information, reach out to a residential landscape designer in your area.