Insight To Improve Upon Your Yard Landscaping This Season

Posted on: 20 May 2020

Installing your yard with all its landscaping can be a big task that can take you time in planning and setting it into place, so it can be a benefit when you have assistance in the task. Once you get your landscaping started, there are always new additions with vegetation, trees, and hardscape features you can add later on to make your landscaping project an ongoing one. Here are some updates you can make to your landscaping to improve upon its function and appearance for an attractive-looking yard.

Add Paving Stones

Anytime you think about a patio or sidewalk in your landscaping, you don't always have to add to it with concrete for a solid plain-looking surface. A walkway or path through your garden or expanse of lawn can add visual interest, especially when it is made of paving stones. With paving stones, you have a variety of colors, sizes, and appearances in the type of stone you select, and you can set them in a variety of designs and patterns. 

Talk to a hardscape contractor about adding this type of feature to your landscaping. They can install the paving stones to be set flush with the soil so they don't create a tripping hazard. Then, you can leave the paving stones spaced more wide to allow for the growth of mosses, low lying grasses, and other ornamental ground covering.

Install Concrete Curbing

Another way you can boost your yard's appearance is with the installation of landscape borders. A landscape border separates your bedding areas from lawn and your landscaping areas from paving and lawn. With a border material, it creates a visual line between the two areas and also helps to control the growth of vegetation between areas. For example, a concrete border between your lawn and vegetable garden will block your lawn from growing into your garden spot. The concrete curbing sits below the soil to block the pathway of growth for your lawn's roots, keeping them in their landscape area.

Concrete curbing is a great way to control the growth of your landscape vegetation and keep it in place but to also keep the lines of your landscaping looking smooth and neat. A professional landscaping team can provide ideas and options to install this type of edging within your landscaping. There are a variety of materials and colors that coordinate with any patio and walkway paving you already have in your yard.

For more information, contact a hardscape contractor