4 Reasons To Have Your Crabapple Trees Trimmed

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Crabapple trees can add all sorts of beauty to your property. In the spring, they are covered in pink or white blossoms, and in the fall, they develop pretty red fruits. In exchange for their beauty, though, crabapple trees do ask something of you. They ask you to have them pruned once a year. Here are four reasons why this annual trimming is so important.

1. Trimming keeps branches from snapping and breaking in the wind.

When your tree service works on your crabapple tree, they will remove any branches that look delicate or as though they are about to break off in the wind. This keeps the branches from snapping off at inconvenient times and blowing in through your windows and doors. It is also healthier for the crabapple tree. It is easier for a tree to heal from a purposeful cut than from an uneven break. 

2. Trimming help increase airflow to prevent fungal disease.

A tree trimming professional generally aims to make the foliage less dense as they trim. They remove branches that are crossing one another, and they remove any branches that are too close to one another. This allows more air to flow through the tree's branches, so they dry faster after a rain shower. This, in turn, helps prevent fungi from growing on your crabapple tree. Since crabapples are very prone to certain fungal infections, this maintenance is important, especially in climates where rain is frequent.

3. Trimming keeps branches from getting too heavily laden with fruit.

Crabapples are pretty, but they are also messy. If a tree develops too many, more of those fruits will fall to the ground prematurely, and they might take some branch with them. Having a tree trimmer remove some smaller branches so that the large branches don't become overly laden with fruit is therefore a smart idea.

4. Trimming encourages more flowering.

When your trimmer removes old, dead or dying branches, the tree has more resources to funnel into the remaining branches. As a result, you will typically see more flowers on the branches that are left behind. In the springtime, having a crabapple that is completely covered in flowers can be really lovely!

Trimming is important for many different kinds of trees, but especially for crabapple trees. Contact a tree trimming service near you, and make an appointment. They'll be done in an hour or so, and your tree will be better off.