2 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn Before The Winter Months

Posted on: 30 November 2020

When the temperatures start dropping and the threat of frost is imminent, you may have started preparations for getting the exterior of your home ready for the upcoming cold weather. As part of these preparations, you know that you will need to mow your grass one last time.

However, you may worry about doing it in a way that will help ensure that your lawn will come back healthy and green once winter is over. If so, use the following tips when you go to mow your lawn before winter sets in.

1.  Avoid Cutting Your Grass Too Short or Too High

When you go to mow your grass for the last time, you may be tempted to cut the grass as short as possible to keep it from growing any more before the first frost. Or, you may decide to leave it more than a few inches tall, believing that doing so will help protect it better.

However, if you cut your lawn so that the grass is either too short or too high, you will open it up to potential problems. If the grass is too short, it may not be able to withstand the trauma caused by a cold snap. It also may not get enough sunlight and food to help sustain it during its dormancy.

If you cut the grass too high, it will be at risk of developing snow mold from staying too wet while keeping too many of the blades in the shade. Try to find a happy medium of a couple of inches to help avoid these issues.

2.  Mow Leaves Along with the Grass to Create a Natural Mulch

Another thing you should do during the last mow of the season is to leave some of the leaves on the lawn and cut them up along with the grass. This will help create a natural mulch for your lawn.

Although the grass is dormant, it will still need nutrients. As the cut-up leaves decompose, the nutrients will leach into the soil, providing the lawn with food while the layer of leaves helps to protect it from the inclement weather and temperatures.

Cutting your grass so that it can withstand the stress and trauma of winter while providing your lawn with a natural mulch can help to increase the chances that it will come back healthy and full once spring arrives. If you are worried about ensuring that the grass survives the winter, contact a landscaping business that offers lawn mowing services to discuss your options for having them do the last mow of the season for you.