Want To Maintain A Beautiful Landscape? 3 Tree Pruning Techniques You Can Use

Posted on: 21 January 2021

People prune their trees for various reasons. When pruning the trees, you need to know the results to expect. Pruning trees yourself might seem a less expensive option, but you may end up with regrettable results. This is because you may use a pruning technique that deviates from your expectations or one that will harm the trees and the entire landscape in a big way. However, hiring an expert in tree care services to prune your trees is crucial because they know the pruning technique that will meet your current landscape needs. 

Here are three of the most common tree pruning techniques and their effects on a tree. 

Pruning to Remove Deadwood

A tree care expert's primary aim is to leave your tree in better condition than they found it. If your trees haven't been pruned for a while, they are likely to have problems such as dead and dry twigs and branches. The tree care expert will use the deadwood pruning technique to remove the dead and brown parts of the tree that compromise the beauty of your landscape. With the dead parts of the trees removed, your landscape will resume its luxuriant and green appearance. 

Note that the tree care professional does not remove every bit of deadwood they find on the tree. If they do, then they have a perfect explanation for it. Generally, your trees should be less dangerous and more attractive by the time the professional finishes deadwood pruning.

Pruning for Canopy Thinning

The other common reason the tree care experts may prune your trees is to regulate the size of the canopy. When the tree is allowed to grow uncontrollably, some branches might extend into the neighboring property. Others will extend over the roof, accelerating the rate of roof damage by shielding it from the sun.

However, the tree care expert will remove the parts of the canopy extending out of your boundaries, and those interfering with other infrastructure in your home. This will help increase the safety and durability of other structures.

Pruning to Raise the Canopy

Another reason a tree care service will prune a tree is to raise it. Trees start developing branches at different trunk heights. If the branches sprout too low, they will start conflicting with house roofs and other structures. To raise the tree, a tree care expert needs to remove the lower branches as the tree grows. When they remove the ones on the lower levels, the tree is harmonized with the entire landscape.

If the trees are interfering with your beautiful landscape, you may need to prune them. However, talk to a tree care professional about the pruning results you expect so they can know the pruning technique that could be more appropriate for you. The technique used to prune your trees will determine if you will maintain a beautiful landscape.