Tips To Add In A Yard For Your New Construction Home

Posted on: 23 February 2021

When you have a new home built, there are a lot of decisions in terms of wall color and flooring choices, floor plans, and the right kitchen cabinets for your preference. Additionally, you also need to consider adding in your yard's new landscaping to turn a weed-filled construction zone into a beautifully landscaped area. Here are some recommendations to help you put a yard into your new construction property.

Prepare the Soil

When you first see your yard, it is likely going to be filled with weeds, some trash, rocks, and other construction debris that was left behind. It can be difficult to imagine your new landscaping installed with all the debris in the way, so the first step is to hire a landscaper to clear the area and level it. You can also do this with a rented skid steer with a bucket, which you can use to scrape off weeds, remove rubble, and prepare the area into a level site. 

After all the excess debris and vegetation is removed, you should add in some topsoil and also some organic compost to return any lost nutrients to the soil. Till this into the soil to distribute it and get it down several inches. Whether you grow a lawn, trees, or a vegetable garden, the roots will need nutrients supplemented into the soil because a great deal of the surface topsoil is usually removed before a home is built. Level the soil after you till it, to combine the compost and other additives to prepare it for your new vegetation.

Add in Irrigation

Now you can plan out where you want to plant a lawn, bedding areas, or other plants in your yard so you can install appropriate irrigation. For example, for a lawn, you should plan out an underground sprinkler system to deliver water to all areas where your lawn will be. If you want to add sprinklers to your landscape bedding areas, you can do so, or you can install a drip irrigation tubing system. 

There are several online planning programs you can use to map out your yard's layout and plan the appropriate placement of your irrigation system. However, be sure you plan and install your irrigation system before you plant any vegetation so you don't end up having to dig up your vegetation to install the irrigation lines.

After you have installed the right irrigation system, you can order your sod or other lawn installation and begin planting trees and other vegetation in your new yard.

For more information about new construction installation, contact a local landscaping company.