Are These Lawn Care Mistakes Ruining Your Landscape?

Posted on: 6 June 2022

Are you tired of looking out your window and being disappointed by the appearance of your lawn? Maybe it's more yellow than you'd like, or perhaps it just looks drab and patchy. You can blame the weather or the poor soil quality, but there is another possibility: in spite of having the best intentions, you may be making some of these common lawn care mistakes.

Mistake #1: Watering in the heat of the day.

It's hot outside, so your grass could benefit from a drink of water, right? This is an easy assumption to make, but actually, watering your lawn when it's bright and sunny out can do more harm than good. The water will get hot and evaporate from the grass blades, leaving them scorched. It's best to instead water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening. Be generous so that there's plenty of water left in the soil when the sun does rise in the sky.

Mistake #2: Cutting the lawn too short.

If you're someone who doesn't particularly enjoy mowing the lawn, you might cut it shorter so you can extend the time between mowing sessions. However, this plan tends to backfire. Remove too much of the grass blades, and the grass will have trouble capturing enough sunlight to make food. Try mowing more often but taking less off each time. Chances are, your grass will start to look greener and healthier.

Mistake #3: Over-fertilizing the lawn.

Your lawn looks unhealthy, so you fertilize it. Then it still looks unhealthy, so you apply more fertilizer. This cycle can go on and on, but you don't realize that at some point, you've actually applied so much fertilizer that it's making your lawn look less healthy. The best solution here is to have a lawn care company come test your soil. They can tell you what nutrients it is lacking so you can add those specific nutrients. If you have too much of a certain nutrient due to over-fertilizing, they will tell you what you can add to counteract that problem.

Most homeowners want a healthy lawn and take steps in an effort to improve their lawn health. However, it is important to make sure those steps are the right ones. Avoid the mistakes above when caring for your lawn and you should get better results. If you have any additional concerns, turn to a local landscaping service.