2 Benefits Of Adding Hardscaping Elements Into Your Yard's Landscape

Posted on: 7 April 2023

If you have a large yard, you may have already done some work to make the lawn more attractive, such as sowing specific types of grass seed and adding landscaping elements such as flowers and bushes. While you may be generally happy with how your property looks, you may be wanting to add more depth and texture to it.

If so, you may want to consider adding hardscaping elements, such as flagstone walkways, stone bed borders, or a patio. Besides adding visual appeal to your property's landscape, there are a couple of additional benefits of incorporating hardscaping elements into your yard's landscape.

1. Helps to Level Out Any Uneven Areas to Reduce Water Puddling and Soil Erosion

One benefit of adding such elements as stone walkways and patios is that they provide an attractive way to level out uneven areas in your yard, especially around your house. When there are dips and hills in your yard, water tends to puddle and soil erodes, creating a muddy mess and shearing the grass from the ground's surface.

However, when a professional hardscape works with the landscape, they can build up the low areas to help even out the surface. This helps to prevent water puddling and soil erosion that can tear up your beautiful lawn.

2. Reduces the Need for Lawn Maintenance While Protecting the Adjacent Grassy Areas

Another benefit is that hardscaping helps to reduce the need for lawn maintenance. When stone pathways and patios are added to your property, they cut down on the areas where you need to mow and trim the lawn.

For the grassy areas adjacent to the stone features, hardscaping helps to reduce damage to them caused by foot traffic. If you direct your family and guests to walk only on the pathways and avoid walking on the grass, the blades are not trampled down, allowing the grass to grow thick and lush without having to constantly recover.

Besides adding visual elements to your property that make it more aesthetically pleasing, hardscaping such as flagstones, stone patios, and walkways help to level out your yard to help keep water from puddling and soil from eroding. It also reduces the amount of lawn maintenance that you must do while protecting your lawn from damage caused by foot traffic. If you would like to learn more about your options, contact a landscape company that offers hardscaping services to speak to someone who can assist you.