• Landscaping Your New Home On A Tight Budget? What Will Give You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck?

    Purchasing a newly-constructed home can be an exciting time in your life, giving you the opportunity to put your own personal touches on an empty canvas. However, landscaping with a blank slate and limited budget can pose some challenges, especially for first-time homeowners who haven't had much experience in landscaping previous rental homes or apartments. When operating on a very tight budget, what can provide you the biggest landscaping bang for your buck? [Read More]

  • Two Tips For Caring For Your New Home's Artificial Pond

    Having a pond in your yard can be an excellent way of improving both the look and value of your property. For those that have recently acquired property that has an artificial pond, it can be easy to make mistakes when it comes to caring for the pond. Luckily, keeping the following couple of tips in mind can help ensure that your pond avoids some common problems. Winterize Your Pond [Read More]

  • Four Things To Consider Before Hiring A Lawn Maintenance Service

    If you have your lawn looking the way you want it to look, then all you need is a good lawn maintenance service. However, not every business is created equal. Many of them will only cut your grass and clean up afterward. There are several things that you may need that are important for your yard. The following are four things to consider and inquire about when shopping for lawn maintenance. [Read More]

  • Create The Rich, Full Lawn You Want With Zoysa Grass

    If you have patches in your lawn that are missing grass, consider purchasing zoysa grass from a sod farm to help give your yard the beautiful look you want. Zoysa grass is different than most of the other types of grass that you can get from a sod farm. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know before purchasing zoysa grass to use in your yard. [Read More]

  • The Importance Of Nitrogen-Fixing Plants In Your Permaculture Landscape

    Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth. It is found in abundance in our atmosphere, but the problem is how to get atmospheric nitrogen to your plant roots. Rain is quite good at carrying nitrogen from the air into the ground, but there are also plants whose leaves gather atmospheric nitrogen, carry it to their roots and share it with their plant friends. These nitrogen-fixing plants play a vital role in a permaculture landscape. [Read More]

  • Add Beauty And Utility To Your Yard With Fire

    Fire is one of the primordial elements. Fire gives warmth in the coldest of weather. However, the flickering of flames also offers a mesmerizing appeal. Combine both the beauty and the usefulness of fire in your yard's hardscaping. Fire Pit A fire pit is one of the most useful additions you can make to your yard or patio. Wherever you place a fire pit becomes an instant congregation place. Fire pits can be small, portable affairs that even fit onto a tabletop. [Read More]

  • How To Seal Brick Pavers

    Brick pavers are a great option for use in your yard and can provide a unique aesthetic to walkways, driveways, or any other paved exterior surface. However, in order to ensure that they maintain their aesthetic and hold up to extended weather exposure, they should be sealed every few years, depending on wear. Thankfully, sealing brick pavers is a simple process that you can do yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge. [Read More]

  • Why Is Drip Irrigation A Better Choice Than Spray Irrigation?

    Years ago, if you drove past a field during irrigation, you'd see sprinklers spraying water out above the plants. These days, it's rare to see such a thing. More large farms are using drip irrigation, which delivers water directly to the surface of the soil rather than spraying it over the plants. In fact, drip irrigation is not just a wise choice for big farms. It's a smart choice for your own landscaping, too. [Read More]

  • Reap The Benefits Of A Cutting Garden

    Gardens are wonderful. You walk through them, appreciate the view, and literally stop to smell the roses. However, the value of your garden increases when you cut the flowers and create pretty bouquets. It's possible to add a small mini garden to your existing yard or to make over a whole garden. Enjoy the benefits of having a cutting garden in your backyard. Start with Roses The most obvious flowers for your cutting garden are roses. [Read More]

  • Keeping Plants From Dying During A Heat Wave

    If you have several flowers and plants in your yard, you most likely tend to them regularly to keep them healthy and attractive. It is important to know how to deal with high temperatures and dry conditions that are often present at some point during the summer months. Routine landscape maintenance efforts may need to be increased when there is an imminent heat wave on the horizon. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your plants are kept healthy when temperatures rise and moisture is scant. [Read More]