• Tips For Creating A Warm Tuscan Garden

    There's a reason the phrase "under the Tuscan sun" evokes images beyond the movie. A Tuscan landscape makes you think of pleasant vacations in the sun surrounded by Italian beauty. The palette is warm and inviting, and the landscape charmingly old fashioned. Recreate a Tuscan landscape in your backyard to escape to the countryside anytime you need a getaway. Plant Traditional Trees Part of what will make your Tuscan garden feel authentic is the inclusion of traditional Mediterranean trees. [Read More]

  • Complement Your Outdoor Features With Tiny Fairy Gardens

    Make something magical out of inherent property features that may otherwise get lost in your landscaping. Whether you are trying to make your outdoor fountain stand out or if you have an old tree trunk that is an eyesore, you can turn these into whimsical accents by creating magical micro- gardens. Consider the following tips to turn these property features into fantastic fairy garden displays:     An old tree trunk. [Read More]